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About Investrain

Investrain aims to provide financial techniques and make financial literacy as a whole more accessible to the public, and inculcate a culture of fiscal responsibiity and socially responsible investing in high schoolers.

The ESG fund focuses on positively impacting the community with the power of capital. By focusing on the viability of Socially Responsible Investing we aim to spread knowledge and excitement for impact-investing throughout this next generation.

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Investrain Initiatives

Our goal here at Investrain is to spread financial literacy and to solidify environmental, social, and governance-based investing as an institutional investing strategy.

With this next generation increasingly politically active and concerned about societal issues, the next frontier for change lies in finance. Socially-minded investing has been corroborated by several high profile studies as being as much if not more lucrative than traditional strategies. By investing with these factors, investors are forcing companies to improve their operations and work towards progress. 

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Getting Started with Investing

Follow along as Chinmay documents his process of learning and exploring investing starting from Day 1. Join him as he grows his knowledge base, research ability, decision making and much more!

If Chinmay can do it, you can do it too! :)

Investrain ESG Fund

The keystone Investrain ESG Fund is a research-backed investment fund to demonstrate superior investing returns by investing in ESG (Environmental, Social, Government) classes of companies.


We are a group of 20 students from around the world that work together to run the fund, which currently has $17,000 AUM.  

Application in Popular Culture

In order to humanize the lens through which individuals view finance, we apply basic financial formulas and concepts to analyze common facets of popular culture. This page specifically focuses on hip-hop as it is a personal passion for Chinmay and also appears to be the most popular genre in the country

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